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Have you taken the step to invest in a renovation project in your home country or abroad? A place you can call your new home, but which is also going to be an accommodation for guests? I would be happy to help you to develop a suitable interior for this new place.

Interior design is an extremely important aspect of the hospitality industry. It’s not just the service you are providing, but also the environment and atmosphere you create with the help of design of your spaces. Interior design and appearance is what grabs the attention of the guest at first and persuades them to book your accommodation, in order to actually experience the accommodation.


The first phase of the project includes preliminary studies of the location and property. We will together find out more about you and your design ambitions for the project together with your timescales & budgets, We’ll work together to build a detailed brief and identify your design preferences.


Concept Design is the beginning of the creative process. I take into account all important aspects of your plan. I will start the process with location, personal and business research to create a concept. Which we use to create a floorplan where we positioning each space needed in the building together with a routing. After you agreed with the floorplan, we can start to go further with designing the spaces.


Throughout the design development stage, we get into the details of the project. We’ll refine the internal layouts and specify key finishes and materials for the floors, walls, furniture, tailored furniture and we will define the lightning. During this process, changes can still be made.


With the design signed off, we will work towards the final stage. The moment that you agree with the design, the plan will be further elaborated into a finial project document. This document includes all the useful information to get started with the realization of your renovation project

Costs: quotation will be made after our intake interview
(The total price is based on your specific wishes 
and the spaces you want to have designed.)

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